fabric covered buttons

Fabric covered buttons is a kind of button, which is wrapped with cloth. At the beginning of development, it has gradually developed into clothing, handbags, hats, shoes, DIY accessories, toys, crafts, stationery, fashion household supplies, sofa furniture and other fields. Loved by people.

Fabric Covered buttons are made by manual button wrapping machine and mold as the main production tools, and auxiliary production tools such as cloth cutting machine and cloth cutting knife die, etc., which are made by pressing the cut cloth piece, button face and button foot in the mold.

The materials of cloth covering buttons are mainly divided into two kinds of structural materials, namely button face and button bottom. Of course, there are also cloth covering buttons.

All fabric Covered buttons are called fabric covered buttons , which means to cover the buttons with a layer of cloth, so it is the cloth that determines the beauty of a cloth button. Including the color of the cloth, patterns, patterns, etc. In terms of technology, the thickness and elasticity of the cloth itself have a great impact on the aesthetics of the cloth buttons. Generally, the thickness of the fabric is about 0.4mm, which is the best. For the fabric that is too thick or too thin, the fabric or the mould that covers the buttons should be processed before adding.

Elastic fabric (scalability), how much common fabrics have scalability, but also have no elastic fabrics, for this kind of fabric we basically do not have too many methods for early treatment, because there is no elastic fabric directly affect the package out button on the surface of the aesthetic (it is common to crinkle or not coordinately), which is very intuitive, so we need special treatment for this type of fabrics, not any shapes can use it to package (such as spherical button).

In view of the fabric is elastic we mainly adopts package multilayer fabrics to beautiful cloth buttons, but compared with the elastic fabric is beautiful degree or will have a discount, for elastic multilayer fabrics or add too much can also package park to fabric to fit the needs of bag buttons, to note here is that some knitted fabrics with different density, can also use package multilayer fabrics or add hot park make the fabric to fit the needs of bag buttons.

Button surface is available, which has two kinds of aluminum, copper, belong to environmental protection material, including the use of aluminum in button below are frequently used cloth buttons, compared with aluminium material with copper buttons can be a needle detector series, cloth button although there is no particular surface tolerance, but in order to guarantee the normal use of the button surface by reasonable extrusion deformation, depression, so I plant strict requirements on the thickness of the material of the, according to different size button more appropriate.

There are many materials available for the bottom of buttons, mainly plastic, aluminum and copper, and some products use iron bottom. In addition to iron bottom, all other materials belong to environmental protection materials. Plastic and copper bottom can be overchecked, and the iron bottom can be treated in electroplating to prevent rust, but it is not an environmental protection material. Because the bottom of the button plays an important role in tension resistance, the processing of the buttonfoot (hole for threading) is relatively strict. There are usually some products with poor materials and rough workmanship in the market. It is not easy to see the problem from the surface. Therefore, when choosing cloth to wrap buttons, please pay attention to the tensile resistance requirements of the bottom of the buttons.