Snap fasteners (also called press stud, popper, snap or tich) are mechanical fasteners that close or lock with a clicking or snapping sound. There are two different types of snaps currently in the market, post-style and prong-style. The prong-style snap buttons are used in many applications but major in garments and handcrafted items. They are best used with loosely woven or knit fabrics.
Open prong fastener include the following metals and finishes: Stainless steel, nickel plated brass and steel-nickel. At Buttoncare, with made of brass fastener set which can be broadly conformed to the major countries‘safety regulation of holding & pushing strength, total nickel, lead, tin, chrome, cobalt & zinc contents of the MSDS suggested standard and CPSC (CPSIA), REACH (SVHC) compliance.
Non-sew press fastener,smooth cap,silver-coloured ideal for thinner and stretch fabrics. The serrated ring means that no hole making is necessary. Easy fastening strength,The advantage of this press fastener is that no hole has to be punched for mounting – rather the integrated serrated ring presses down the fabric so that it is protected.It’s perfectly suitable for adult garment, fabric purse and craft projects.They are perfect for making any of your pacifier holders, bib clips or any sewing projects.

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