Crystal Buttons can be used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The assortment ranges from those for shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats, to buttons for denim and accessories. They are suitable for hand and mechanical application.Made of quality glass material and acrylic rhinestone, with strong metal base, good hand feel and durable.Clear transparent, shining, luxury, good workmanship and delicate.Usage: Decoration for wooden furnitures/wooden boxes/sofa/bedboard or other DIY home creative decorations.Whether making a multi-strand necklace or adding an artistic touch to a shirt or dress, this button is sure to provide fun results!
Each one has a strong metal base that enhances the overall appearance of these classy buttons. If customers want to accessorize their sofa and bring it back to life, these upholstery buttons are guaranteed to do the trick. These unique buttons are designed to last. There aren’t any sharp edges, so customers can lie on their sofa without concern for scratching themselves.
– Decorative nails are used to fasten upholstery material to furniture, and for a classic look.
– It can nail them on even hardwoods without worries.
– It is easy to use, no need any special tooling.
– Clear transparent, shining, luxury, good workmanship and delicate.
– It looks sparkly and charming. Like stars shining in your room, it will refract light rays.

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